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KATHARSIS is a Los-Angeles based, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is committed to help people connect with their own creative abilities, and develop skills of living healthy balanced lives. The organization serves as a bridge by bringing people of different spiritual beliefs and practices together by promoting creativity, unity, arts and health. KATHARSIS emphasizes a rather universal experience which is beyond ethnic fragmentation, religious dogmas or sectarianism.

Such experience is achieved through education and experience of the arts, music, dancing, singing, and activities like raw living foods classes and workshops meditation, guided imagery, and energetic work.

The Katharsis activities are designed to facilitate the development of creative abilities that are potent in each and every one of us. Our programs offer a number of classes and workshops, which are designed to transmit the wisdom, knowledge and tools to all individuals, in order to allow them to empower themselves, and live life to it’s fullest potential.

The events at the Katharsis Center for the Arts and raw Living Foods, provide a stage for creative individuals to share their messages of conscious living, sustainability and well being. Our events and programs are open to the public and offer lectures, educational classes, workshops, music, performances and social activities.

Our activities and programs are community centered, and offer various opportunities for individuals to take active part and be of service for others.

KATHARSIS global vision is aimed towards impacting communities all over the world, by empowering individuals to be leaders and active participants in the transformation of our planet.

In order to support the KATHARSIS activities, we developed a unique line of raw, organic, living, vegan foods and deserts, called BAR-YOCHAI DELIGHTS. To learn more about our unique products, please click on the banner below.

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